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Training Officers FAQ

What is the training officer's role in the OPM & Saint Mary’s relationship?

To learn about the SMU programs offered through the alliance and promote the learning opportunities to their employees.  

What degree programs are available?

All of the programs under the SMU Schools of Graduate & Professional programs are included in the alliance.

How should I promote the OPM & Saint Mary alliance to my employees?

SMU will work with you to promote the benefits of our alliance as a way for employees to advance their career paths. There are a number of methods that SMU can utilize to accomplish this: informational webinars, on-site Education events, Eblasts, social media postings or any combination of the methods. Or we’d like to hear your ideas as well.

How should I explain the tuition savings to my employees and their family members?

The savings is in the form of a Corporate Grant in an amount equal to ten percent (10%) of the charges for tuition in effect as of the date of enrollment.

Are non-government/contractors employees eligible for the savings?

Yes, non-government/contractors are eligible for the savings along with Federal Government employees and their spouses and dependents.

What type of identification materials will those who apply need to provide to be eligible for the corporate grant?

Employees will need to verify employment upon application and re-verify by two methods: 1) A letter from HR on Agency letterhead with name, organization and dates of employment; and 2) The most recent pay stub with name, organization and current date (sensitive material blacked out). Dependents can verify status by providing a copy of their birth certificate or a tax return from a previous year. Spouses can verify their status by providing a copy of their marriage certificate or a tax return from a previous year.

Will Saint Mary’s accept work experience or training for academic credit?

Yes, the SMU community recognizes that many students come to the university with college-level competencies that have been developed outside the traditional college classroom.
The following are options to assist in completing a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process:
  • Business and industry training
  • Military education (ACE)
  • Standardized examinations (CLEP and DSST)
  • International credits evaluated course-by-course from ECE or WES

Can employees take classes together?

Yes. We suggest groups of 20 or more employees to establish closed SMU program cohorts.  Please reach out to your SMU contact to learn more.

If I host an event at my location, will Saint Mary’s attend?

Yes, a representative from SMU will attend your event.  Please make sure that you give your SMU contact person at least 4-6 weeks’ notice to allow plenty of time for scheduling & preparation.

Will Saint Mary’s teach courses at our locations?

We will work with you to understand your needs and determine the best possible course of action.